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Mailspring – Lightweight, Powerful and Open-Source Email Client for Linux

Do you remember the discontinued Nylas Mail Client? Yes, being a fork of Nylas Mail Client, Mailspring affords you way better performance than the previous one. The best part about this Linux Email Client is this provides you with the native C++ sync engine. So, no more JavaScript from now on, with C++ you can rule the Email Client’s world. The development team of the Mailspring Company says that they are sunsetting the elevated development of the software.

All the ideal attributes that were housed in the Nylas Mail are offered by the Mailspring now. You must thank the native C++ sync engine because this will cause you fewer dependencies and as a result, you will face less lag also.


Features of Mailspring

The software is free for everyone so just download and enjoy
For people who want additional features, they can also go for the Paid version of this application which is available in the name of Mailspring Pro
Partially an open-source app, you can get the source code in the GitHub
Includes a minimalist User Interface
Contains togglable panels
The User Interface is customizable
Setup can be done for multiple accounts which includes Office 365/Outlook and IMAP also
Includes quick reply templates
Ability to link tracking

Download Mailspring


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