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Best Open Source Linux Email Client

There are many users who want to have desktop native email programs for easy offline use, get the benefit of the vast range of plugins, business mandate or personal preference, see calendar and address book, meeting security needs, etc. There are many options available outside for you to choose a free and open-source best Linux email client where most of them support cross-platform.

Free and Open Source Linux Email Client

I will share a generic list of Best Email Client for Linux with you. For clarification, the features mentioned here are all collected from their respective official site and all the not included especially the basic ones. Moreover, this list is not any specific order so to choose the best one, you can check the features and tools it offers and selects the desired one that meets the requirement most.

1. Mailspring

Mailspring is an open-source and cross-platform email client for Linux, Windows, macOS. It’s based on open web technologies with electron, flux and reacts. Mailspring is faster and demands less RAM and system resources. Its user interface is compact, modern and slick.
There are many features available in this Linux mail client including a unified inbox, multiple accounts, a lot of themes and layout, shortcut, privacy and security, mail merge, contact management, etc.


2. Geary Email Client

Geary is another lightweight Thunderbird email client alternative email client available in the market. Geary is a lighter, faster and modern looking simple user interface Linux mail client. It has come from Gnome project like “evolution email client” and best suited for Gnome desktop environment.


3. Thunderbird

I believe you know about the Mozilla Foundation and its Firefox browser which is lighting fast and patron of open-source software. Thunderbird is an amazing open-source and faster Linux email client from the same development house of Firefox. It’s a cross-platform, faster, modern web email technologies for using email services.
Thunderbird is an older but one of the popular and best email client program for Linux available out there. Out of all the common features, it has some notable tools and features worth mentioning chat integration, contacts management, smart folder, large file management, etc.


4. Claws Mail

Claws Mail is a GTK+ based free email client for Linux. It’s one of the lightweight fast email clients for all the major OS platforms including Linux, Unix, Windows, macOS and so on. It provides filtering, external editor support, threaded display, and various MH folder.


5. KMail Email Client

KMail email client is the integrated part of Kontact – users personal information manager developed for KDE desktop environment. Besides all other standard features, it has lot more tools to offer you, worth mentioning solid integration with the Kontact component, powerful search, and filter option, PGP and S/MIME encryption – security and privacy tools, strong spam filters, secure logins and spell checking, etc.


6. Evolution Linux Email Client

Evolution is one of the oldest and basic Linux email client and information management system with the calendar and addresses book functionality. It’s a Gnome project and offers some basic Linux mail server functionality including contact management, task manager, calendar integration, notes, plugins, junk mail filter, etc.


7. Sylpheed

Sylpheed is a free and open-source, simple, a lightweight email client for all the major OS including Linux, Windows, macOS and Unix-like operating systems. This Linux email client is suitable for both new and power users. It provides an intuitive user interface and designed for the keyboard-oriented task.


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